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Nad Packaging

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About us:



NAD Packaging was established in 2006 to address packaging needs in the industrial, agricultural and manufacturing sectors.



At Nad Packaging we manufacture corrugated boxes, wooden pallets and crates and supply other protective packaging material.


We specialize in corrugated and wooden products and we can manufacture all items according to your specifications.









A full range of corrugated boxes and sheets manufactured to your specification.   Not only can we help protect your valuebles with our corrugated products, we can also promote your brand by providing you with the option of high graphic printing for your corrugated products.  We can print up to 5 colours.


Our corrugated products includes boxes, die cut boxes, corrugated sheets, corrugated slip sheets, edge guards, and corrugated rolls.


We also specialize in the manufacturing of wooden pallets and crates for the industrial, automotive, and agricultural sectors. We are registered for export heat treatment according to ISPM15 for export purposes.



Our products are top quality

Our service level is excellent

Our prices are very competitive

We are very committed to customer satisfaction

One stop for all your packaging needs



Box assembled on pallet